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Friends of Belmont Soccer raises money through donations and through our annual cookie dough fundraising sale. For questions or to volunteer, email Virginia Cox, the Director of Fundraising (


FOBS Cookie Dough Fundraiser

We hope that all BHS soccer players, each player on each of the six teams, is participating. Belmont High Soccer netted more than other schools over the last year! The money raised is used to purchase items/programs not covered by the school’s athletic budget including:
• Injury prevention skills; skills clinics for goalkeepers and field players
• Practice equipment and jerseys
• Flat nets allowing two teams to practice on the surf simultaneously
• Varsity bags for new players
• End of season banquet
• Scholarships for graduating seniors

FOBS Fundraiser Kickoff (Friday, September 22 at 2:45pm, BHS Auditorium)

• Players receive their Cookie Dough fundraising packets
• Learn about general fundraising, protocol, and tips for optimal selling
• Presented a list of incentives for selling the most cookie dough, like prizes and money grabs
(see summary of goals and prizes below).

FOBS Fundraiser Finish Line (Sunday, October 1st, 12:00pm, Chenery Middle School)

• Players hand in their order forms and complete balance of money received.
• Volunteers double check orders/money received
• Fundraising partner Adrenaline Fundraising determines which prizes are awarded to players (see prized below)
• Nike clothing will be available for sizing purposes for eligible players

FOBS Fundraiser Pickup/Delivery (Monday, October 23 at 2:45pm, BHS Cafeteria)

• Players deliver orders to their customers
• Cash prizes will be awarded to eligible players
• Eligible players are awarded their number of turns to pick from the Money Bag
• Nike clothing is ordered for eligible players

Helpful Selling Tips

1. Don’t wait! Start selling same day you pick up your order forms. You only have approx. 8 days!
2. Sell to family, friends, and neighbors – BE POLITE!
3. Post Tech Boost form on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook page
4. Have Mom and Dad bring some to work if they work in the area and don’t mind helping your sales
5. Each box contains 40 frozen cookies, good for one year in the freezer!


Summary of Goals and Prizes: Cash and Nike brand, Dri-Fit® Apparel

Top Seller $1 for every box sold (example: 40 boxes sold = $40 cash)
Money Bag Money Bag holds $5, $10 and $20 bills! The number of boxes you sell determines the number of grabs from Money Bag.
15 Boxes Sold 1 pick out of Money Bag
20 Boxes Sold 2 picks out of Money Bag AND a Nike Belmont long sleeve Dri-Fit®
25 Boxes Sold 3 picks out of Money Bag, Nike Dri-Fit® AND either a Nike Belmont Soccer Sweatshirt or X-Grain ½ Zip
Every +10 sold For every 10 boxes sold over 25 gets you another pick from the Money Bag
50 Boxes Sold At 50 boxes sold you receive the Nike sweatshirt AND X-Grain ½ Zip